Yoga For Adults


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Feel Flexible & Balanced

Time for grounding yourself, loving yourself, finding your strength, your inner warrior, giving yourself space and a chance to unwind from the pressures of life!


We will be checking in with our bodies, minds and breath, using them to guide us through our strong yoga sequences together, practising Hatha Vinyasa which has a vibrant, dynamic flow between asanas.

The word Vinyasa describes the merging of the movement with breath, which can be both challenging and relaxing, leaving you feeling energised. We will focus on the breath, alignment and mind awareness and from this you will achieve flexibility, strength and balance to enhance the amazing person you already are.

Prices and Booking Info

Prices for Adult Yoga classes: 

  • drop-in - £10

  • block of 4 sessions, valid for 5 weeks - £35

  • private class, 60 minute - £45

  • private class, 75 minute - £55

Payment methods: cash on arrival, bank transfer or book and pay online.

How to book and additional info:

Photo Steve Hawkins

Photo Steve Hawkins


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