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Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Pythouse Clubhouse

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

I am really looking forward to starting my Yoga classes in the Pythouse Clubhouse, I mean, what a fabulous location and beautiful building not far from Tisbury.

The original Clubhouse fell into disrepair so a new club was built close to the same spot by local builders and was officially opened in June 2016 by Sir Henry and Lady Rumbold. It is a perfect venue for Yoga, Pilates, Bridge, Lectures, Exhibitions and many other activities.

Jessie Low - Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes - Pythouse Clubhouse

My connection with Tisbury goes back a few years now when I lived in a very small village on the outskirts of Tisbury with my children who went to the local school there and have lovely memories of that time. They even learnt to swim in the lovely outdoor public swimming pool!

Tisbury has a great community and I am so excited to connect with people here again. Yoga classes start on Wednesday 29th May at 12.30 pm and I will be teaching Vinyasa Flow which is mixed ability but quite a strong practice.

We will be feeling the energy around us and creating a space of well-being, healing and grounding whilst working through the asanas to bring new revitalised energy and strength to our bodies and minds. So if you fancy coming along please book up via the Yoga Classes page on my website or email me at with any queries.

See you soon!

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