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Staying at Home

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We had been told that we have to stay at home for another three weeks in Isolation due to Covid-19.

And staying at home is exactly what we should be doing to help us get through this - think of your body, 'your vessel', as your home - this is the perfect time to really get into the regular practicing of meditation, bringing your awareness inwards and for that time just forgetting all the chaos that's happening within our lives. A time to quieten the mind, which is a hard thing to actually do but with practice, regularly, you will soon feel the benefits. 5 minutes a day to start with and increase the time gradually, find the most comfortable position for yourself, you don't have to sit in the most well known crossed legged way! The only thing i would say if you are sitting down at all is to be sure that you have a contact with the floor to keep yourself grounded.

Lying or sitting still can sometimes be quite challenging which is where practicing yoga comes in, The working out of the body, the stretching and bending, the focusing on the breath will have you ready to allow that stillness to happen at the end of class, Yoga and Meditation work together perfectly and you will always feel amazing after, refreshed and re-energised and ready to take on the new day in true warrior form!

Check the timetable below and come and join our classes and feel that beautiful connection with ourselves, each other and the environment around us. A time to self heal through the guidance of Mother earth and Farther Sky.

Love, light and peace

Jessie xx

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