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Passion For Yoga

I have been passionate about Yoga for years, all aspects of it - healing, breath work, strength - and teaching Yoga has been my dream for as long as I can remember.


Driven by this vision, I taught myself Yoga by reading books and watching DVDs, usually before my children wake up. But my favourite time is when my youngest child (who is 5) joins in and we have such fun together doing partner work or rehearsing some stories.

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Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Whilst working in a pre-school, one of the managers asked if I would teach the children some yoga – and that’s where my teaching Yoga journey really started! I did one class, loved it, and trained to teach.


After completing some courses (Cosmic Kids Teacher Training, Wild Vibrant Yogi Teacher Training, Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teens), I'm excited  to offer Yoga classes to all age groups - children, teenagers and adults,

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Earth Mumma

I am such an outdoors person - I love connecting with Mother Nature and feeling her goodness all around me, either by walking or running, playing in the woods or growing our own food.


I am definitely an Earth Mumma and have so much respect and love for our planet and all who live on her, from the smallest insect to the largest mountain, and am so grateful to live in a beautiful part of North Dorset, in a valley amongst the rolling chalk downland.

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